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Ready to help us save lives?

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Thank you for considering fostering an animal.

Even if you decide you're not ready to commit yet, your interest in the outcomes of our shelter pets is what truly matters here. 


Let's start by first talking about our city shelter and why fostering is so important! 

Our city municipal shelter is an open intake facility, which means if an animal is found as a stray, they HAVE to take it. This results in a very unpredictable number of animals coming in each day. Owner surrenders, strays and injured animals are brought in EVERY SINGLE day.  The city is also responsible for citing citizens for not caring for their animals properly and even seizure of animals who are not safe with their owners. The city offers adoptions for the public for the healthy animals available, and the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society focuses on out of state rescue placement for all animals in the facility. The city shelter has 122 kennels for dogs, and just under 40 kennels for cats. The average monthly intake in 2019 was 812 animals, with the highest monthly intake being 1,148. There is a huge need for assistance in placing these animals! 

This is where we come in, to pull animals at risk of euthanasia for any reason.


Euthanasia is usually a risk for bottle babies who need 24 hour care, medical cases who would need extensive treatment, or animals who have been looked over and at risk due to space issues. Our foster teams are in place, pre-screened, and ready to help when the time comes. When an animal comes in that is at risk, or has been considered a "long stay" we plan a route for them to come into our program. We place a "tag" on the animal showing a commitment of us taking them into ARC's care, we pick them up and take them to the foster who has agreed to help them. We cover all costs for foster care. This includes supplies, food, medical expenses, grooming if needed, etc. YOU provide the compassion for them, the patience for them to trust humans again, the love they likely haven't had, and then when the time comes, they go to their forever home. Sometimes their forever home is found quickly, within just a few short weeks, and sometimes it can take a bit longer. No matter how long it takes, we wait. 

If fostering is something you are interested in, please fill out the form below. We will schedule a home check from there, which is a very simple and quick process. During this process you will meet someone from our team, and we can meet your family and your pets! 


Frequently Asked Questions

There is more information regarding the fostering process on our FAQ page, you can read that information by clicking here.

If you have any other questions before you get started, feel free to reach out to us!

We are here to help if you have any questions or concerns. 

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