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  • What is fostering?
    Fostering is a temporary placement of a pet into your home. You provide a safe and stable enviornment for the pet, while providing their care, until they find their forever home.
  • How much does fostering cost?
    Fostering is FREE. You read that right! We provide everything the pet physically needs. Things such as food, crates, vet care, etc are provided by us. All you need to do, is provide love, care and enrichment to the pet.
  • How many pets can I foster at once?
    We allow TWO adult foster animals ( 8 + weeks old ) or ONE litter of animals (newborn-7 weeks) per home. We only have adequate space for 50 fosters in our program at all times. If we are full, we will provide a list of resources for other rescues to reach out to. If you live inside city limits, you must abide by the local ordinance for total animals in the home. Foster animals will not be allowed to exceed that number in addition to your personal pets.
  • What if I fall in love with my foster pet?  Can I keep it?
    If you fall in love with your foster pet and can't bear the thought of them being with anyone else for the rest of their lives, you can absolutely apply to adopt that pet! This happens all the time and we encourage it. Normal adoption process and fees apply.
  • How do I sign up to foster?
    On our Foster page you will find an online application you may submit. After recieving the forms, a cordinator will be in touch to go over the application for you and set up a home inspection.
  • Why do you need to come to my home if I apply to foster a pet?  What are you looking for?
    At ARC, experience and life lessons have taught us that when it comes to our pets we can never be too cautious. We require home inspections on our foster homes to ensure the transition for you and the pet will be easy and as stress free as possible. We check to be sure you have running water and electricity, a solid fence with no escape routes, somewhere indoors for the pet to stay, and are able to meet the needs of the pet you are taking on.
  • What is Adoption?
    Adoption is the official decleration of welcoming a pet into your home as your own forever animal. You become responsible for providing the basic needs for your pet, vet care, food, shelter, love as well as enrichment are your top priorities.
  • How can I see pets available for adoption?
    Visit our page labeled Adoption, to see the bios of the available pets in our program. Each pet has exceptional photos to view, as well as an in depth description provided from their foster parent.
  • If I want to meet a pet in your program, how do I do that?"
    If you find a pet you want to get to know, simply click the Inquire About Me button on their profile. Fill in the applicable information and we will contact you as soon as possible to set up a meet and greet.
  • What is a meet and greet?
    A meet and greet is what we set up for you to get to know the pet who captured your heart online. The meet and greet will take place in a neutral location for everyone's safety and comfort. If you have a dog at home, you must bring them to meet the possibe new fuzzy member of your family.
  • How much does adoption cost?
    Our adoption fee is: $100.00 This includes: Spay or neuter of the animal, age appropriate core vaccines, Rabies vaccine, registered microchip, dewormer and flea/tick preventative. If old enough, cats will also receive a FIV/FeLV test and dogs will receive a heartworm/tick disease test called 4Dx.
  • What is volunteering?
    Volunteering is dedicating your time, for no compensation, to help our organization.
  • What do you need volunteers for?
    Everything! We need volunteers to help with, running events, fundraising, education programs, foster programs and adoption programs. All of these volunteer opprotunities will come with training to help guide you through your time with us.
  • How do I sign up to volunteer?
    Visit our volunteer page, fill out an application and a volunteer coordinator will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • What are education resources?
    Education resources are things our community can utilize to benefit the animals and their owners in our community. Without community outreach and education, our city's animals will suffer. Our goal is to give education and tools to the community to help bring support to our local animal shelter, and provide tools so that the shelter, and the community can work together in harmony for one common goal: the animals.
  • What education resources do you offer?
    We have tons of online resources available to those in our community. We provide information on: local veterinarians, low cost spay and neuter options, training opportunities, bite education, local ordinance education, and many other topics. For those without internet access, we are available by phone, as well as in person during events to provide these programs.
  • How can I help educate my community?
    You can sign up through our Education Resource portal, and be connected with our volunteers to recieve the training and material to be able to become an Education Ambassador. An education ambassador helps spread the knowledge of what our animals need and what the community can do to support the animals and their local shelter.
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