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Dog in Cone

Did you just add a furry member to your family? Just moved to the area and looking for a veterinarian? Look no further! We have compiled a list of all clinics in the area, including the emergency vets. Click the button below to see names, locations and contact information for the veterinary clinics in our area!

Veterinary Clinics

Lost & Found Animals

If you have lost an animal, please contact the microchip company who manages your pet's chip so they know the animal is lost and can make sure the contact information is up to date. Check the animal shelter at least once a day if possible for any new animals brought in that could be your pet. The online shelter tool will not be as current as walking the facility yourself. If you are on social media, there are many Facebook pages where lost & found animals are posted, the main one being Lost Pets of Amarillo.


If you have found a stray animal, please have it scanned for a microchip as soon as possible to hopefully make immediate contact with the owner, and post on social media page quickly. Even if you plan to take it to the shelter, someone may recognize the animal and contact the owner. Microchip scanning can be done for free at any veterinary clinic or animal shelter.

There is one open intake shelter in Amarillo & another in Canyon. Their information is below, clicking the button "Learn More" will take you directly to the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Lost & Found Online Tool.

Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare

3501 S. Osage (north entrance)


City of Canyon - Animal Control


Golden Retriever
Baby Raccoon Bottle


If you have found an orphaned or injured wild animal, please follow the recommendations listed below by Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and then contact them for further assistance. Clicking the button below will take you directly to their website, or their phone number is listed below. 

Step 1: Wear gloves if possible

Step 2: Place in carrier or box (with holes) with soft bedding (old t-shirt, rag, towel)

Step 3: Can offer heat like a heating pad on low under half of the animals living space with towel in between

Step 4: Do not attempt to feed or provide water until you have spoken with a member of our team

Step 5: Keep in dark and quite area until animal can be transported to the wildlife center

24 Hour Emergency Service: (806) 680-2483 (BITE)

Bottle Baby Care

If you have found an orphaned kitten or puppy, we have a few resources available to guide you on what to do next. If you plan to care for them, please click the button below. If you do not have the time or resources needed to properly care for the kitten or puppy, please take it to Animal Management & Welfare so they can start caring for the animal immediately. 

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Veteran Rescources

Disabled veterans in our area have resources too! Hope Lives Here is a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for veterans. The dogs in their program are pulled from local shelters and paired with a veteran in need. If this is something you are in need of, please click the link below to be routed to their website. Once on the website, you can reach out via email with questions you may have, or fill out an enrollment request. 


Do you have a new pet? Maybe an escape artists who likes to go adventure? Microchipping is beneficial for both cats and dogs, including those kept only indoors! Collars can fall off or be removed, while a microchip cannot. A microchip is a permanent ID tag, about the size of a grain of rice, that is placed beneath your pets skin. Microchips can be done at your veterinarians office, or at our city shelter during micro chipping events held throughout the year. A found pet can be scanned for free at any vet clinic or animal shelter.


Microchips are not tracking devices, but can help reunite lost pets with their owners much more quickly. A study of more than 7,700 stray animals at animal shelters found that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.9 percent of the time, while microchipped dogs were returned 52.2 percent of the time. Make sure your contact information is always kept current. To find your pets' microchip company, click the button below and enter the microchip number and you can view the company name. 

Dog Portrait
Closeup of a Black Dog

Animal Bites, Animal Attacks

or Injured Animals

If an animal has bitten you or someone in your home, please call 911 if it is an emergency and someone is needing immediate medical care. If it is not an emergency, a person shall report the incident to the Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Department at 806-378-3092 or after hours, to the Police Department at 806-378-3038.

If you have found an injured animal, or if your pet has been attacked by another animal, please contact Animal Management & Welfare at 806-378-3092.

Dove Creek Equine Rescue

Are you looking to get involved in equine rescue? Needing help with a situation pertaining to horses? Reach out to Dove Creek Equine Rescue! They are a non-profit organization located in Canyon, Texas. Their mission is below. To learn more, visit their website by clicking the "Learn More" button.

"Our mission is to Rescue. Rehabilitate. Retrain. & Rehome horses in the Texas panhandle who need a second chance in life, those who have been neglected, abandoned, or surrendered. We provide education on responsible horse care as well as connect horses and humans in partnership through natural horsemanship and equine-facilitated learning, creating positive change in our community and world."

Animal brown horse
Rescue Puppy

Domestic Violence Services

If you or someone you know is needing assistance with a domestic violence situation, Family Support Services has programs that can help. Their Emergency Safe House has a kennel facility so you do not have to leave your pet behind. Family Support Services offers services for Behavioral Health & Wellness, Crisis Response & Support, Emergency Housing Services, Education & Prevention as well as the Veteran Resource Center. Click below to be routed to their website to learn more or reach out for services.

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