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If you have found an orphaned kitten or puppy, we have a few resources available to guide you on what to do next. If you plan to care for them, please start with first determining their age. The infographics below have great information from The Kitten Lady and from The Spruce Pets. The age of an orphaned puppy or kitten is critical in making sure they are provided with the necessary care needed for survival. 


IMAGE From "The Spruce Pets"

Image from "The Kitten Lady"

Once you have a good age on the animal, you will need some supplies to provide care. Bottles, formula, syringes, wet wipes, a scale, and a heating pad are examples of these items. Again, this can vary based on the babies' age. We have included below some informative and educational links that can walk you through the steps needed to provide the life saving care they will need. 

The Kitten Lady has great information on her website, YouTube channel, and tutorials on both pertaining to orphaned kitten care. She has saved thousands of lives since she started helping kittens!

Maddie's Fund provides some step by step instruction on their website, details ranging from how to mix formula to how to assist with newborns going to the bathroom (they need assistance in the beginning). There are many photos as well that help if you're new to this!

We also wanted you to have some details on puppy development in the first few months. This information can be found on The Spruce Pets website. They have advice and tips on their website for cats, dogs, pigs, reptiles and even fish! They include training tips that are based on positive reinforcement and some ideas for behavior issues. Of course we always recommend speaking with a trainer or your veterinarian for major concerns, but these are some great tips for new pet owners! 


The last step, and one of the most important, is deciding who will keep your bottle baby forever. Once the animal is 8 weeks of age, they are ready to be placed in a home if you don't plan on adding them to your family.

Kittens do great being placed in homes in pairs, puppies however do much better being separated from siblings. It is very important to make sure whoever plans to take the animal plans to provide veterinary care to them. This includes but is not limited to, spaying and neutering them, vaccinations to protect them from contagious diseases and continuing yearly well visits. Please visit the veterinary tab on our page if you're needing to find a veterinarian in the area. 

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Please contact us, or fill out a foster application, if you are interested in becoming a bottle baby foster for animals we pull from our local shelter to save them from euthanasia. 

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